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Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Yes, yes one more eccentric article about how to admire your body image. (huh!) I have read loads of blog speaking on this topic and the one thing I always miss in these preachings is PRACTICE!

Yes, I should not see my body with

low opinions or in self-depreciation. Yes, I should love my body for what it is. Blah-Blah-Self Love-Blah-Blah You look beautiful (Ugh!!!!!).

But does that happen anytime? For what I know from experience, a majority of us still go, stand in front of the mirror every morning,

looking at ourselves and thinking about all that could be wrong with us. If, not this, then think about why we look the way we do. Sometimes, the most simple things or complaints in life leave a profound wound on our spirits. A wound that we can't show and a wound that wouldn't hide.

The most threatening of all is the body-shaming that is produced on social media and real life. To a person who wouldn't want

to speak about his issues out loud, these are the poisons that kill him slowly but dreadfully. We will talk about enduring such cases after the questionnaire.

Now, the question arises: WHAT was the need for body-image consciousness?

I don't know, honestly, no one does!!! (But, everybody's in the ring punching it on others or getting punched down). The most simp

le yet convincing guess would be the man's frenzied attraction towards "perfection" , knowing that it's not possible!!

One man said girls should look feminine (Bro, I'm broader than you can imagine, what should I do, cut my shoulders off??!!) And boys should have been that's all, everybody agreed to it furthermore those who went against this custom were mocked, discriminated at stooping low levels and it isn't th

e end.

KNOW-HOW 1: RISE above this facad

e. Yes, you might not look like Angelina or Kareena but you got to accept your body, maybe love it a bit too?! Because it's where you're going to live, going to die. Find your strength and polish it, enjoy your life. And STOP cribbing about your genes!!!

Question no. 2 WHY is it important to us??

Uprightly, it SHOULDN'T be. But like every bad habit, it sticks out like a blood-sucking leech unwilling to leave us. Everybody wants to look good, stylish or attractive. Beauty is just one of the factors that help you in the pursuance of the target. There are other factors like: Sense of humour, fashion sense, simplicity, boldness etc.

KNOW-HOW 2: FIND your factor and feel confident about it. Always remember: "Beauty is in the eyes of the viewer".

Question no. 3 HOW do I survive the hatred I hold?

One, no one should hate oneself.

Two, not for such a silly thing, never.

My this is not of "suitable" shape, my that is not

of "rational" size, these are the type of complaints we have towards our own body.

Look, I'm not some Sant-Mahatma (Saintly Person), that all I say is correct. But I do know that spewing hate against your own self is not good for anyone's conscience.

KNOW-HOW 3: ACCEPT yourself, your body, your mind, your thoughts, everything. (This definitely doesn't mean that you weigh

96 kgs, lying on the couch eating junk. No, Never!!!). Try to improve yourself essentially your lifestyle, where you can. If you can't love

yourself, then STOP hating it.

Now, the most important of all issues:

Family, Friends, and Social Media

One can fight oneself, but what ca

n you do when your family starts commenting on your looks?

or friends teasing you for your size?

or when you start feeling inferior on social media?

STOP feeling insulted

START standing up for yourself. You live in that body, you fight for it. Next time someone picks up on you, don't hide your thoughts inside.

SPEAK UP, state your thoughts, lo

ud and clear. Feel free of the burden.

It's not your fault that they can't fathom the thought of every shape being beautiful or every colour is perfect. And most importantly,

LOVE what you got, STOP CRYING for what you cannot get.

I talked about PRACTICE in the intro, remember?! Here is how I accepted myself:

I remember I started growing fat (

because I stopped growing my height) in my mid-teenage years, my cousins started calling me- MOTI (Fatty) or BHENS (Buffalo) sounds regressive, right?!

I felt that way too, I felt unhappy (who will feel happy on being called a buffalo?!) about my own body. Not gonna lie here, I felt insulted too.

BUT... I realised what makes me a buffalo is not them calling me one, but me thinking of myself as one fat buffalo. And sooner I left the insult, the bad feeling behind me. Because my body made the topper of my class, it made me the person I am, it's been with me in all my endeavours and all my sorrows. So why do I hate it because of some people who can't look outside the conventional way?

Their regressive nature is not my fault, but my hatred towards my body is and will be my fault.


See you in the next one!


{PS- We don't own the images published, credits to the original creator for these beautiful pieces of art}

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