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One of the most stressful things to survive on planet earth, PEER PRESSURE has taken an entirely different form in the late 2010s. Gone are the days when decent earning or settling down or just getting married were the sources of such pressures. In 2020, as I write this blog, the pressures of being good at everything at all times is the trend. There is so much pressure on us to be the Barbie and Ken of this "plastic world", that it is no surprise most people feel sad at most times.

Everybody around us is carrying the burden of the expectations of being the "perfect human". Some want to be A-graders, some want to look a certain way, others want to be "perfect" partners, parents, colleagues, friends and even neighbours!!!. The idea of perfection makes us work efficiently, however it drives us crazy for something that can't be achieved, LITERALLY!!!

Now, let's understand what such pressure can do to us and how can we control it!!!

Side Effect-1: Crushes your SELF-CONFIDENCE

There is no end to being perfect and when you can't stand up to these fantasised "expectations" of others, you tend to blame yourself and lose your trust.

Know-How-1: BUILD your boundaries

Every person has a threshold of growth or change, build yours. And when this pressure tries to push you above your threshold, STOP. You are already better than what you started as no need of pushing harder just for the sake of perfection. Relieve yourself from the pressure and if it comes again remember you reached your threshold.

Side Effect-2: Grossly affects your academics

Now, things are getting serious. Academics are one of the most important aspects of a teenagers life, ruining it because of the devaluation of others is blatantly wrong. VERY WRONG!

Know-How-2: STOP mixing your life with academics

Take my example, all my life I have been average at almost everything: looks, height, sports, etc. There's one thing I never compromised with: my studies. You might not be as good in studies, but don't deteriorate it because of external pressures. Maintain your consistency and this rough-patch will be over soon.

The self-pressuring bodies:

As if external pressures are not enough, some people burden themselves with the "not good-enough" tag and drag this heaviness in their hearts everywhere they go!!!

Please DON'T, you are worth many things. And I am not saying this just because I pity you, I say this because I mean it. Nobody is perfect, to accept this fact and work towards betterment is the sign of a good human being.

I have said this before, I say it again: ACCEPTANCE IS THE KEY

When you accept yourself, you release yourself from the burden of "becoming good". Sit with your conscience, realise your strengths and work on your weaknesses. We are all GOOD, we just need to get BETTER, one step at a time. Go be a good human being!!!!


This is Mar~Vell signing off,see you in the next one...

{PS- We don't own the images published, credits to the original creator for these beautiful pieces of art}

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