Life in COVID~19

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

{Ways to spend a memorable quarantine!}

Life was all smooth, going to work, attending schools, colleges, having weekend parties, going to movies, buying groceries and planning trips. All was great, but then came a virus, it seemed harmless and we behaved recklessly, so now we have a virus named after a Mexican beer deadly enough to kill us all😳🍾 But this is not the only way it's making people go crazy, the quarantine measure to prevent 'Corona' (COVID~19) is also as dangerous as the virus itself. Reports on domestic violence, depression, anxiety, and average weights going up and up have been released.

So... What's that we can do??🤔

Here are some suggestions for a quarantine that stays pleasant😉

•Have a family time: Stay off the phone📱🚫

•Play Ludo: C'mon we all love Ludo!!🎲

•Exercise is boring?

Try dancing with your family!!💃🕺

•Cook dishes with your wildest imagination and of course YouTube!

•Taking up hobbies like: Reading, Gardening!!

•Watch Movies: regional, national, international, global... Or whatever suits your taste!

•Come to our blog. Chat with us!🥰

Don't be stressed, help us have some new friends and great discussions.

Also, we've started a new forum which will be about several topics, some about food, glamour, or some more interesting things to do in your quarantine!!

See ya!!


{PS- We don't own the images published, credits to the original creator for these beautiful pieces of art}

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